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Revelation 16:13-16 The Final Stand Mark

Revelation 16:13-16 The Final Stand Mark

Revelation 16:13-16

13 And I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs leap from the mouths of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. 14 They are demonic spirits who work miracles and go out to all the rulers of the world to gather them for battle against the Lord on that great judgment day of God the Almighty.15 “Look, I will come as unexpectedly as a thief! Blessed are all who are watching for me, who keep their clothing ready so they will not have to walk around naked and ashamed.” 16 And the demonic spirits gathered all the rulers and their armies to a place with the Hebrew name Armageddon.

Trying to read and study the book of Revelation, like a worldly book, and understand it will be difficult. It is like watching a movie or reading a book, which might have flashbacks, to help explain, a topic or character. An event might be in different chapters but have different detail. The mark of the beast is a spiritual mark, and not physical. Is Armageddon a real place in Israel, or is it a symbol of God’s judgment, seen on high for all to see? Stephen King’s novel “The Stand,” is post-apocalyptic fictional, which is similar to a Biblical judgment day. Odd, as it may seem, would seem it is a prediction of the COVID-19 pandemic. A weaponized flu virus was accidentally released, from a military laboratory. A soldier leaves the base with his family, driving as fast as he can, trying to save them. Little does he know, he is carrying the flu, and help spread it. The weaponize flu causes a deadly global pandemic, and there is no vaccine for it. Only those who are naturally immune and survive. Two groups of people remain to live, the good and evil. The good is small and meek, the evil is a larger group with a tall man with supernatural powers as the leader. When the goods start to lose numbers, the evil tall man seems to win, bolts of a lightning strike, and he dies. The bolt of lightning is supposed the be the hand of God, ultimately, He doesn’t want evil to reign. Armageddon in Revelation 16:16 could be a literal place in Israel where the ancient city Megiddo is. The battle began already started in Revelation 16:13-14. The devil is symbolized by a dragon, and the Beast is attacking the Lord, with false teaching and fake miracles. The attack is not directly aimed at God but at humankind. The devil knows he cannot win, cause the Lord made Him, so the devil is hurting God’s heart. The Devil knows God, but know the Lord loves all humanity, so Satan, with deception, will lead some to reject God. The Lord has gathered His blessed children there. Then the demonic powers and their followers show up. On the high on the mountain called Armageddon and final judgment is about to happen. The Lord Jesus Christ is about to show every nation, every tribe, every tongue, and everyone who has ever lived, who is God. God bless you all, the Lord Jesus loves you and so do I. His bondservant, Samuel.

Revelation 12:9 This great dragon—the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world—was thrown down to the earth with all his angels.

Revelation 20:8 He will go out to deceive the nations—called Gog and Magog—in every corner of the earth. He will gather them together for battle—a mighty army, as numberless as sand along the seashore. 9 And I saw them as they went up on the broad plain of the earth and surrounded God’s people and the beloved city. But fire from heaven came down on the attacking armies and consumed them. 10 Then the devil, who had deceived them, was thrown into the fiery lake of burning sulfur, joining the beast and the false prophet. There they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

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