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Proverbs 8:13-16 The Lord of All Kings

Proverbs 8:13-16 The Lord of All Kings

Proverbs 8:13-16

13 The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; Pride, arrogance, the evil way, And the perverted mouth, I hate. 14 Advice is mine and sound wisdom; I am understanding, power is mine. 15 By me kings reign, And rulers decree justice. 16 By me princes rule, and nobles, All who judge rightly.

Throughout the earth’s history many rulers have come and gone, some good and some not so good. The Lord according to His word put them all in charge of the nation they ruled over. Many would like to ask God did He put Hitler over Germany for a while, or why Nero over Rome, Napoleon over France, or even President Trump or Biden over the USA, why we would like to ask God? All of the rulers the Lord uses to serve His purposes one way or other, one ruler I think the Lord used in a major way that not many would think of and his name is Alexander the Great. He was born around 356BC, his father king of ancient Greece, and died so Alexander took over cause he was the king’s son. He received the best education as a son of royalty and even was a student of Aristotle but he wasn’t a lazy son of the king that just seat on the throne. As the king, he was also, the general of the Greek military, and as soon as he became king, he conquered most of the then-known world at the time within only 10 years. The word of God had to prophesy this would happen a long time in advance, so it all was a part of God’s plan.

Daniel 8:5  While I was observing, behold, a male goat was coming from the west over the surface of the entire earth without touching the ground; and the goat had a prominent horn between his eyes.

Because of Alexander’s unstoppable conquest and like Daniel 8;5 say he was so fast his feet didn’t touch the earth, he spread the Greek culture all over the then known world, the language of Greek was the official language of his empire. When Jesus was born between BC and AD, the Rome Empire was in power but borrow from many of the Greek Empire Hellenistic ways. When Jesus went preaching from place to place, He spoke the Greek language, the Jews, the Romans, or anyone within the Israel region was about of the Roman Empire and if a person didn’t speak Greek nothing was really accomplished. When the New Testament was written down, books or letters like Mark,  Acts, Roman, and even Hebrews, the words were written in  Greek, and the reader study the word of God from Greek words and sentences. The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, writes the when Alexander the Great was touring Jerusalem, that he was taken into a temple and was shown the scroll of Daniel. As Alexander was read the writing, a prediction that the one horn goat, the Greek empire would conquer the Persian Empire, Alexander was highly impressed, that his victory was foretold and predict by Yahweh the Hebrew God. God bless you all, the Lord Jesus loves you and so do I, Samuel J H

Daniel 8:19  And he said, “Behold, I am going to inform you of what will occur at the final period of the indignation, because it pertains to the appointed time of the end. 20 The ram which you saw with the two horns represents the kings of Media and Persia. 21 The shaggy goat represents the kingdom of Greece, and the large horn that is between his eyes is the first king. 22 The broken horn and the four horns that came up in its place represent four kingdoms which will arise from his nation, although not with his power.

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