Proverbs 5:15-17 Your Family Is Special, Honor Them

Proverbs 5:15-17

15 Drink water from your own cistern [of a pure marriage relationship] And fresh running water from your own well. 16 Should your springs (children) be dispersed, As streams of water in the streets? 17 [Confine yourself to your own wife.] Let your children be yours alone, And not the children of strangers with you.

The first church or assembly of worship is seen in Genesis chapter 1 and 2, in Genesis 1:26-27 God says let’s make man and woman in our image. Genesis 2:1-3 the Lord is done with Creation and on the 7th day, God rested blessed that day, and made it holy. Continuing in Genesis chapter 2:21-,25  the Lord God performs the wedding to the first man and woman. So the at the end of creation in the garden of Eden, on the seventh day the first family had a day of worship. A family of God and their home is the first and best place of worship and learning about the Lord. Parents  would teach their children, God’s word, Mom and day, are their sons and daughter first role models. When Mom and dad sin, the whole family unit suffers, not only do an unfaithful wife or husband pay for their sins, the children will the most scars, those scars can be physical, mental, or emotional. In 1981 while recording season 11  Mister Roger took on the issue  of divorce and try to comfort and explain it to his audience, pre-school and young children. Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, talks about divorce in many ways, saying that when mommy and daddy divorce it isn’t really the children’s fault, it is only that mommy and daddy don’t love each other anymore. Sometimes Mister Roger’s Neighborhood would use puppets to teach, and in one episode it says that disabled handicapped  children and children of divorced parents are still loved by  mommy and daddy. One episode  teaching that some relationships like husband and wife are not fixable and beyond repair.  Fred McFeely Rogers, who was the host and producer of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood and creator of the show, was also a  Presbyterian minister. Fred Rogers’s passion was to teach children, that they matter and they are loved. Teach them a life lesson, he heard and saw the rise of divorce in American and receive fan mail asking how to deal with it. If  Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was seen as a ministry, then his church members were little children and his main message was, little children never forget your life matters, and you are loved.  If mommy and daddy love loved God, and their kids, as much as a minister like Fred Rogers love God and children, they wouldn’t seek self-pleasure and destroy the church of family life. God bless you all, the Lord loves you and so do I. Samuel H

1 Corinthians 7:3  The husband must fulfill his [marital] duty to his wife [with good will and kindness], and likewise the wife to her husband. 4 The wife does not have [exclusive] authority over her own body, but the husband shares with her; and likewise the husband does not have [exclusive] authority over his body, but the wife shares with him. 5 Do not deprive each other [of marital rights], except perhaps by mutual consent for a time, so that you may devote yourselves [unhindered] to prayer, but come together again so that Satan will not tempt you [to sin] because of your lack of self-control.

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