Proverbs 4:18-19 The Way, The Truth Is Light To Life

Proverbs 4:18-19

18 But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn That shines brighter and brighter until the full day. 19 The way of the wicked is like darkness; They do not know over what they stumble.

The wisdom that the Lord gives to those truly seeking and asking for it will direct the way to walk and live to the fullest in all of God’s amazing grace. The difference between those who truly love God and those who don’t, the followers of God, what is right in His eyes. Those who love the Lord, just a little and not fully give all themselves, will do what is right in their eyes. I love music, all my life music of all types. In my preteen and early teens day, I loved  Micheal Jackson’s music and beg my father for the Thriller album. between Junior High and High School, I started to like hard rock and heavy metal, and when music seems to get bolder with explicit lyrics I liked it more. First, it seems like it was the rap artist like 2 Live Crew then rock groups like Guns N’ Roses. Some of my friends and family would look at my black rock band’s shirt and ask why do I listen to devil worship music and my reply was, well those your music praise God in any way. I mean come on, any music  from Hank Williams Jr, Poison, Beyoncé, Madonna, or George Strait gives much praise to God? I remember watching music award shows like American Music Awards, MTV video awards, and the Grammy’s award, and how when an artist won an award and took the stage and gave thanks to everyone and thank God last. Is God really grateful to give thanks for some of the lyric and material these musical groups put out on the radio, tv, and the internet. I was a prep cook at a restaurant once, early in the morning the staff would play whatever music they wanted and we take turns letting others play their music.  My friend put in a CD from rap artist Tupac Shakur, the song title “ Only God Can Judge Me” was full foul language than most music I ever listen to, and even when I wasn’t a Christian it wasn’t very pleasant to hear a foul word almost every other line. But the basics of the song was, leave me alone and let me live however I live, cause only God can judge me. Most of Tupac’s music was mostly about violence, there was a rivalry with rap artists on the east coast and the main focus of the feud was with  The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, or simply Biggie. Both rap artists would exchange words of insults and threats against each other. If any words of God’s wisdom came out of this situation when Jesus says that who live by the sword, will die by the sword. Both of those rap recording artists died a violent death and many still envy and idolize them.

Matthew 26:52 Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword will perish by the sword.

It wasn’t long after Biggie’s death, that Puff Diddy releases a song titled ‘ I’ll Be Missing You,’ a tribute to his friend. It samples the Police’s song “ Every Breath You Take,’  and had bits of the hymn, “ I’ll Fly Away’ Puff Diddy who now goes by Sean Combs was saying in the song, he knows his friend is looking down on him and can wait to be with him someday. If Tupac Shakur and Biggie Small really love God, did they repent of their sins while they died, or did they continue to do what is right in their own eyes and die into darkness? God bless you all, the Lord loves you and so do I. Samuel Head.

Hosea 14:9 Whoever is wise, let him understand these things; Whoever is discerning, let him know them. For the ways of the Lord are right, And the righteous will walk in them, But wrongdoers will stumble in them.

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