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Proverbs 12:17  I Heard the Virtuous Truth

Proverbs 12:17  I Heard the Virtuous Truth

Proverbs 12:17

An honest witness tells the truth, but a false witness tells lies.

Sinning is ugly, and lying is neither pretty, but many attractive people have deceitful hearts. Science and God’s word disagree on what is good and evil, ugly and poor, or godly and sinful. According to science, Amber Heard’s facial features make her the most beautiful woman alive. The recent lies she told in the court case between her, and her ex-husband made her unattractive. Johnny Depp filed a civil lawsuit against his ex-wife to defend his reputation. Amber accused him of abuse during their marriage, and as a result, he lost many acting roles. Johnny Depp’s primary concern was defending his reputation to let his children know he did not abuse Amber. Johnny Depp himself is not a godly man. Much of his testimony during the court proves that. But the court case proves Amber is a liar and an abuser herself. Amber told the court under oath that she donated the money she received after the divorce settlement payment to charity. Many assume so because she is a beautiful, successful film actress. As she questions over and over by Johnny Depp’s attorney, she admitted she lied to the court after she swore, she would tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help her, God. In doing so, her testimony and reputation are destroyed, and Johnny Depp’s is returned. As Christians, you and I are supposed to be living in the beautiful image of the living God. For many years, I told many lies to family, friends, and even people I did not know. Living that way made my Christian life a lie, and I was not even an excellent witness to God’s word. Dear friends, Donovan and Kim Williams told me, Samuel, to stop telling lies. So, I took their advice, and my Christian life is a better testimony. Always live your Christian walk of the truth, which leads to a more meaningful life. God bless you all; Jesus loves you, and so do I. His bondservant, Samuel J Head.  

Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.


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