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Proverbs 12:10 Be Fruitful And Multiply Compassion

Proverbs 12:10 Be Fruitful And Multiply Compassion

Proverbs 12:10

A righteous person has regard for the life of his animal, but even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.

My brother in Christ and roommate, Jason Fields, loves his pet dalmatian puppy, whom he named Lucky. Lucky is full of energy, so he is playful, but sometimes his playfulness is destructive. Jason and I have tried to keep Lucky playful ways under control by keeping things out of his reach. Still, it is much trouble and costly to prevent or fix whatever Lucky destroys. Even with Lucky destructive cute behavior, he is still an adorable, lovable pet that Jason loves, and I love him a little less. I like how this scripture that the wise King Solomon wrote says a righteous person has regard for the life of his animals, but the compassion of the wicked is cruel. In mental health science, a term called Macdonald triad is a person or criminal sociopathy. Most of the world will label a serial killer as a sociopath, but people who are arsonists, or sexual offenders are sociopaths as well.  When dealing with the subject of racism, it is widely accepted. No child is born with hate in their heart. Even young children will play with another child of any race and still have fun. Hate is taught at home when a child is taught to hate a white, Black, Asian, or even a homosexual. But God’s word is totally against hate or violence done to anyone. Scripture teaches that God’s children are to show love and compassion to everyone. This is Old Testament and New Testament law.

Leviticus 19:33 ‘When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong.

Matthew 5:39 But I say to you, do not show opposition against an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other toward him also.

A person who is a sociopath is usually someone who received abuse as a young child. They are cruel to others because of the treatment they receive and that is what they were taught and learned. That is why mommies and daddies need to teach their little ones to love God and others because that is what the Lord desires. It is never too early to teach a child what right and wrong are, but the older a child gets, the more stubborn they can be. No good parent wants a sociopath as son or daughter, nor does the Heavenly Father above, He only wants good loving people on earth and in His kingdom. God bless you all; the Lord Jesus loves you, and so do I. His bondservant, Samuel J Head.

Psalm 148:7 Praise the Lord from the earth, Sea monsters, and all the ocean depths; 8 Fire and hail, snow and clouds; Stormy wind, fulfilling His word; 9 Mountains and all hills; Fruit trees and all cedars; 10 Animals and all cattle; Crawling things and winged fowl; 11 Kings of the earth and all peoples; Rulers and all judges of the earth; 12 Both young men and virgins; Old men and children. 13 They are to praise the name of the Lord, For His name alone is exalted; His majesty is above earth and heaven.

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