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Proverbs 11:15 Zero % Interest  To Who?

Proverbs 11:15 Zero % Interest To Who?

Proverbs 11:15

One who is a guarantor for a stranger will certainly suffer for it, But one who hates being a guarantor is secure.

Between 2007 to 2008, I got a message from someone asking how I would like $2,000, and I was, I would like that very much. Then asked for my address and said I would receive a check worth $7,000. When the statement came in the mail, I was supposed to go to my bank, cash it, keep $ 2,000 for myself and mail the rest back with a return envelope. When I went to the bank, the bank teller knew me very well and said, Mr. Head, I will not cash this check for you; it’s a scam. I ask what you mean, Mr. Head, some people won’t say you can get easy money just by cashing a big check and mail some back, but when the bank learns the bank is no good, you will be stuck with a huge bounce check. You could end up in jail or with an enormous debt, so I am doing you a favor and ripping up this check. Before the internet became a big deal or unless mobile devices could surf the world wide web. Nowadays, internet scamming is big business, and many criminals are the wealthy cause of it. There are many kinds of scams, but the most popular is romance scamming. Men and women are the target victims of these faceless thieves. Most of them are from West Africa, countries like Nigeria and Ghana; these countries are high in poverty, so scamming is an easy way to buy foodstuff, as they say. Because stealing someone’s photo is so easy on the internet, a scammer will download random images of attractive people and pretend to be that person. Then they surf the internet like sharks were looking for easy prey to eat. They will study their victims, see what movies or music they like, the political party they support, if they are religious or not. Then, they will say something; when I get a message, it usually, “Hey babe, what is your name, and are you single? Years ago, I fell for a few of them, but now I know how they talk and how they work. They no longer ask you to cash a giant check. They use simple means that seem harmless but aren’t. Brilliantly, they say, hey sweetie, my birthday is coming, can you get me a gift card, for about $50 or $25?. They like to request Amazon cards but offer cards to businesses that don’t exist in West African countries. Now many are running a new scam religiously; they pose as a ministry that helps orphans. Starting out looking harmless, have a social media profile with photos of children, skimpy clothes, and looking starving. They will say, please, dear man of God, help me feed my hungry kids, give them clothes, and help me provide them with Bibles. I will say, do sir will in the name of God. Proverbs 11:15, say do not be a guarantor for a stranger, now these internet thieves are doing the devil’s will. Therefore, they are 100% strangers, even if they use God’s word to say, please help, will you, sir? I will send food, clothes, and even Bible books to oblige but will not send money in any form whatsoever. My dear brothers and sister, don’t trust anyone you meet online, no matter how pretty they are or how sweet they talk. God bless you, Jesus loves you, and so do I, Samuel H.

Romans 13:8 Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; for the one who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the Law.


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