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Proverbs 10:28 Untouchable Hope

Proverbs 10:28 Untouchable Hope

Proverbs 10:28

 The hopes of the godly result in happiness, but the expectations of the wicked come to nothing.

God’s word teaches the grants the hope of His followers, but the wicked get nothing. We are born with a God-shaped hole in our hearts; children with Christian parents or grandparents teach their kids about hope in God. Other people might hear about God from just about anywhere, and so for the hope of meaning in life or better, they may read the Bible or visit a church. On April 21, 1986, all of America tune in to watch “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults” to watch the host Geraldo Rivera open the famous gangster’s safe. As a renowned tv news journal, Geraldo uses charismatic excitement to build the audience up, filling their hopes full of anticipation. The program was to air for 2 hours; they could have easier open the vault in and matter of minutes, but building the audience help boost ratings. Al Capone took advantage of the Prohibition law is happening between 1920 to 1933, which made alcoholic beverages illegal in the United States. The one direction not many Americans care to obey is cause they like to drink up. Still, a significant religious movement made the government make wine, beer, whiskey, and champaign forbidden. The mafia and gangsters were already illegal, so Al Capone bootleg alcohol in the United States and became very wealthy. He was living the good life, with a lot of money and wealth. He treated human life like money and was responsible for a lot of murders. The law eventually caught up to him, and he serves time, and he didn’t even serve his complete sentence of 11 years but died of a heart attack. After about an hour and a  half, Geraldo Rivera tells the tv, oh, we don’t know what we will find in Al Capone’s safe; it could be millions of money, silver, gold, or human remains. When it is time for a crew to blow the door open and if it falls off, inside the was a couple of empty bottles and a traffic sign. Al Capone’s villainous criminal lifestyle made him very wealthy, but he died to cause his heart was unhealthy, and his vault was empty of any treasure. Crime never really pays, and even if it runs like organize business, all of it will crash and burn like the rest of the glory of this wicked world. God bless you all, Jesus the Redeemer loves you, and so do I, Samuel J H.

Psalm 62:9 Common people are as worthless as a puff of wind,  and the powerful are not what they appear to be. If you weigh them on the scales together, they are lighter than a breath of air. 10  Don’t make your living by extortion or put your hope in stealing. And if your wealth increases, don’t make it the center of your life. 11 God has spoken plainly,  and I have heard it many times: Power, O God, belongs to you; 12  unfailing love, O Lord, is yours. Surely you repay all people according to what they have done.


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