Matthew 5:21-22 Jesus Preaches, Hate Is Murder In His Great Sermon ?

Matthew 5:21-22

21“You have heard that the ancients were told, ‘You shall not commit murder’ and ‘Whoever commits murder shall be liable to the court.’ 22 But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before the court; and whoever says to his brother, ‘You good-for-nothing,’ shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever says, ‘You fool,’ shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell.

Jesus has been preaching about God’s law & how He is a fulfillment of it. A lot of Christian & Churches say Jesus death did away the 10 Commandment, but most agree murder is not a blessing & most will say a murder if he or she doesn’t repent will go to fiery hell. You shall not murder,  after all is the sixth commandment & most people would agree it most ant-love act there is. President George W Bush made a statement is murder is a act of hate & any murder is a hate crime. The United State definition of hate crime is different from what Jesus preaches in the sermon on the mount. US law says hate crime will be targeted because of their race, gender, religion or behavior. Jesus has a different definition of murder & when the act of occurs.The word of God says the act of hate is murder, a emotion that starts within a person mind & heart;

1 John 3:15 Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

I call myself a Christian & in my life before i was follower of Jesus, I hated a lot of people, that mean i murder them, according to scripture. In my Christian life, I continue to murder someone at different time, cause I had hate in my heart. But the more I mature in God’s word, I know He doesn’t want me to hate anyone, cause by then I have broken the six commandments & deserve my day in court. If we reflect on more of Jesus preaching on the sermon, He says If you or I call someone “you good-for-nothing:, or even say, You fool,” we have killed that person, in our hearts & the eyes of God. The funny thing about Jesus saying He was a fulfillment of the Torah, the man who God told write to Torah, develop hate in his heart & murder Egyptian;

Exodus 2:12 So he looked this way and that, and when he saw there was no one around, he struck down the Egyptian and hid him in the sand. 13 He went out the next day, and behold, two Hebrews were fighting with each other; and he said to the offender, “Why are you striking your companion?” 14 But he said, “Who made you a prince or a judge over us? Are you intending to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?” Then Moses was afraid and said, “Surely the matter has become known.”

A lot of people would say Moses was justify by killing a man who was oppressing his Hebrew brothers & sisters, but when try tell two Hebrew man to stop fighting each other, & they called him a murder, because his act of hate was not a secret. The issue is it okay to murder even murder a oppressor & if it wasn’t why did Moses run a long way Egypt to , he felt so guilty he ran 10750 km (milometers) and 39.73 meters. The mile based measurement distance is 6679.8 miles. That is long away for some who felt guilty that according to a lot of people would say the slave drive Egyptian deserve death. The repentance of the 6th commandment must have secret between God & Moses, because the Lord allows Moses to write the Holy Word in the first 5 books of Scripture & is called the Book of God’s law, but by God gave Moses grace. If Moses felt guilty for killing murdering a evil Egyptian who come we don’t feel guilt within our hearts, if or when we have simple dislike, or problem, issues, or hate against some or crosses us wrong, please tell the Christian world & if you are guilty of hate, ask God to show you & me to show peace to all God’s children. The Lord loves you & so do I. Sam H.

Romans 13:9 For this, “You shall not commit adultery, You shall not murder, You shall not steal, You shall not covet,” and if there is any other commandment, it is summed up in this saying, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” 10 Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

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