Isaiah 5:20 Positive Christianity and Genocide

In 1933, the population of Germany was approximately 67% Protestant and 33% Catholic, while the Jewish population was less than 1%. Some religious group like the Salvation Army, Christian Saints & Seventh Day Adventist, had disappeared froe m Germany before the Nazi Party took major power, small religious groups like the Jehovah Witness were banned. There was a push for “Pure Christianity,” a uniquely Nazi form to reject the Jewish origins of the Old Testament  and portrayed “true” Christianity as a fight against Jews, with Jesus depicted as an Aryan. The Nazi  Party wanted all of Germany one minded, their attitude, values, all the same. Hitler attempted to create a unified Protestant Reich Church, from Germany’s 28 Protestant Church, which caused conflict with Catholic Church, so Hitler forced all Catholic Churches closed. History say the Nazi was really against Judaism and Christianity, but the Nazi was trying to use  the support of the German Christians, cause Germany was highly religious , they also hated outsiders with different belief and points of view. So the Christians of Nazi Germany didn’t care, when people of physically or mental handicaps or the Jews were dragged out their homes, or bank account taken over and if Jewish person had a job or business, that was taken away with by military force. The Christian Germany had their worship in a house of God with Christian Cross flag and Nazi swastika beside each other, they even had flag with the swastika inside the cross, no Nazi Christian, so any problem with this. The Holy Bible says to depart from evil and do good in many places;

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and  pursue it.

The Word of God never tells a Christian embrace evil, personal belief, a Christian  themselves because they follow Christ Jesus’ teaching. He never said murder or genocide was , acceptable. Genocide was the plan all along, they want to rid the world of anyone wasn’t like them, the Nazi had a term for it call the Final Solution, an industrial system of genocide. Let ask  ourselves this are some Christian today accepting the evil of genocide? Think of this since abortion was made legal in the USA in 1973 and until 2017 over 46,413,319 abortion were done, when the Nazi Holocaust was over, 11,000,000 Jew were murder. But aborted babies  Jewish people were not wanted, & so called Christians both evil acts & called them good. Some Christians call abortion healthcare, but no one ask the fetus if it wanted to live or die, no way, the little boy or girl was never ask it’s human rights were taken away, the mother’s choice and her body was more important. Do you think the Lord God will accept abortion or as Exodus 20:13, calls it murder as healthcare. If you are a Christian and call genocide good, then you break another commandment of God, guess what that commandment is?

The Lord Jesus never said mass murder was acceptable, if you call Christian, then you are no different then a Nazi Christian. Hitler’s names & any Nazism is illegal in Germany today, they don’t wanna hear his name or his party of murders. Do you think the Christians call the evil act abortion good, name  will be remember, if they repent yes. Let us Christians who don’t call evil good, pray for them. God bless you all, the Lord Jesus love you and so do I. Samuel H.

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