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Genesis 16:1-5 The Ishmaelites and the Good Shepherd

Genesis 16:1-5 The Ishmaelites and the Good Shepherd

Genesis 16:1-5

1 Now Sarai, Abram’s wife had borne him no children, and she had an Egyptian maid whose name was Hagar. 2 So Sarai said to Abram, “Now behold, the Lord has prevented me from bearing children. Please go into my maid; perhaps I will obtain children through her.” And Abram listened to the voice of Sarai. 3 After Abram had lived ten years in the land of Canaan, Abram’s wife Sarai took Hagar the Egyptian, her maid, and gave her to her husband Abram as his wife. 4 He went in to Hagar, and she conceived; and when she saw that she had conceived, her mistress was despised in her sight.

When Father Abraham was impatient and had disbelief, he went against the tradition of man and was disobedient to God’s word and conceived a son with the wrong woman that wasn’t his wife. Ishmael was the product of Abraham’s unfaithfulness to Sarah and his God, so therefore the Good Shepherd can not be the Lord of Ishmael. Now the children of Ishmael are called  Ishmaelites and they pop here and there in scripture and history say they became the Arab nation. If you follow the news and not just the American news, the Arabian nation and most notably the Muslim Arab. These people have always been in conflict with the two religions who claim Abraham as the father of their beliefs because they believe the promise given to Abraham from God is theirs. They should rightly know God’s covenant promise wasn’t with Ishmael,  Ishmael heard God say this, but He still gave them a blessing.

Genesis 17:19  But God said, “No, but Sarah your wife will bear you a son, and you shall call his name Isaac, and I will establish My covenant with him for an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him. 20 As for Ishmael, I have heard you; behold, I will bless him, and will make him fruitful and will multiply him exceedingly. He shall become the father of twelve princes, and I will make him a great nation. 21 But My covenant I will establish with Isaac, whom Sarah will bear to you at this season next year.”

And the Lord warned Abraham because of disobedience that his son Ishmael would have the troubling spirit with the true promised son of Abraham.

Genesis 16:11 The angel of the Lord said to her further, “Behold, you are with child, and you will bear a son; and you shall call his name Ishmael Because the Lord has given heed to your affliction. 12  “He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, And everyone’s hand will be against him, And he will live to the east of all his brothers.”

The Commands of God are good and if followed they cause a happy peaceful life and world. But because of Impatient behavior, people wanting their blessings here and now and not waiting for the Lord’s timing, chaos happens. The sons of Ishmael have caused trouble for Isaac, Abraham’s promised son, and just about anyone who gets in their way. The Ishmaelites don’t go by that name anymore but call themselves Islamic or Muslim. They really don’t embrace Ishmael much at all, but the man name Muhammad is a prophet of God or their Allah. Jesus according to Muhammad’s writings in the Quran are similar to the Holy Bible. The Quran says Jesus is the son of a virgin, without sin, but the main difference is Jesus is not the Son of God or the Lord. In Psalm 23 the Holy words say the Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want. In John 10, Jesus numerous times calls Himself the Good Shepherd and I know my sheep, and My sheep know me. He goes on to say I know My Father and My Father know Me, So if the Islamic religion Jesus is the Son of God, they ultimately eliminate themselves from being the Good Shepherd Jesus’ sheep and He is not their Lord and they do not have abundant life, the Holy Bible and the Quran both say Jesus is not their Shepherd and the world can plainly see, they don’t have what they want. God bless you all, the Lord Jesus loves you and so do I. Samuel H

Galatians 4:30  But what does the Scripture say?“Cast out the bondwoman and her son, For the son of the bondwoman shall not be an heir with the son of the freewoman.” 31 So then, brethren, we are not children of a bondwoman, but of the freewoman.


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