Exodus 20:4-6 In Him Is Truth, False Idols Makes Life Meaningless

The Lord has a good reason to get jealous when we make idols and worship them like a god.The Lord God is the Creator of heaven of earth, He is the God of the impossible but idol or as other English Bible say a carved image or graven images. Michelangelo or better known as Michelangelo was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet of the High Renaissance. Most of his artwork was Biblical characters, like Moses, King David, Mary, mother of Jesus & his famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, of creation , God reaching out to Adam. But one of his pieces of carved art is of Bacchus depicting the Roman god of wine. As a guy who used to be good at art, an artist can be motivated in many ways to make art. History say Michelangelo was a religious man, but there rumors he was homosexual” or “gay”, but at that time if history, relation from a elite older man with young man was common. Even if Michelangelo was gifted by God to make valuable pieces of beautiful art, his focus making biblical idols, made his disobey the final verse in this passage Scripture and Jesus even repeated in the Gospel.

John 14:15 “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments

The second commandment tells God children His is jealous of God if we worship false idols and rightly so, cause false idols are made mankind skilled hands that God gave them, but they use it for meaningless and empty worship. An idol doesn’t have to be an image of wood or stone, it can be anything that takes our attention away from God. Just like the Lord free, Israel from the slavery from Egypt, I person who has devotion into anything, he or she will have a empty life if their idol god is taken away or lost. When I was a little boy and knew very little but wanted to understand how God made everything, I saw automobiles, airplanes and many things, I thought a person made. My father tried to explain it to me, the Lord made the material, like steel, to make a solid vehicle, or the rubber the vehicle tires ride comfortable. So therefore if a person makes a favorite kind of make and model car, plane , boat or motorcycle they have a false idol and with one freak accident, they can be harmed or die by the love of their god. Dear beloved, let the Lord our one true God, and not the empty idol that a gifted individual has made, or we ourselves have made, cause worship into an empty idol only comes with weak and empty rewards. Worship the real God of creation and receive a true reward for your service to the true Lord. God bless you all, the Lord Jesus loves you and so do I. Sam H

Exodus 10:7  Pharaoh’s officials now came to Pharaoh and appealed to him. “How long will you let this man hold us hostage? Let the men go to worship the Lord their God! Don’t you realize that Egypt lies in ruins?”



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