Luke 8:43-48 One touch of Jesus

Luke 8:43-48

43 And a woman who had a hemorrhage for twelve years, and could not be healed by anyone, 44 came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloak, and immediately her hemorrhage stopped. 45 And Jesus said, “Who is the one who touched Me?” And while they were all denying it, Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing in on You.” 46 But Jesus said, “Someone did touch Me, for I was aware that power had gone out of Me.” 47 When the woman saw that she had not escaped notice, she came trembling and fell down before Him, and declared in the presence of all the people the reason why she had touched Him, and how she had been immediately healed. 48 And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.”

This poor woman spent many years in poor health, & had done what many ill people do & go to doctors to get well. Nothing seemed to work for her condition, but she never gave up hope she would someday be healed. She heard rumors, of someone, who everyone said, this man could be the chosen Messiah Jesus Christ, the Holy Scripture prophecy for many years, would come help or Save God’s people. So heard Jesus passing near & saw Him walking to a crowd of people, & saw how people were pressing against Him & they all wanted His attention, her faith told her, all she had to do is just slightly grab a small part of Him & she would be healed. So lowered herself & crawled on her hands & knew, reached with hand & pulled on His robe & immediately she felt His healing power, making her whole & like a brand new woman. When Jesus felt His healing  power go from Him, He asked who it was, & in fear the woman told Jesus, she had hope that His loving power would make her whole. Jesus called the woman, daughter & told her to go in peace. My dear friends, I wrote his devotional years ago. I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare something for today. I worked most of the day & it took a lot for me to think of what to prepare & say, plus my wordpress website isn’t working, so i decided to recycle, I said on Facebook many years ago. I did do some editing & even saw I used the wrong scripture before, but all is good now. I hope & pray that all of the people I reach, with God’s word, can remain well & have peace. But you feel a little cabin fever, or worried if a loved one or you get the coronavirus, if you get scared that someone is not six feet away from you,Or if you have washed your hands enough or you haven’t touched you face lately, have faith like this woman from Luke 8:43-48. Put all your trust in Christ Jesus & press through the madness of life reach out & just touch a little part of His clothes, He will see that you have humble yourself & you desperately, want to be called daughter or son & have peace like a river in your heart Don’t go to Jesus last, when everything you have trade to heal yourself. Go to Jesus as a first resort & you will also be made whole & have peace. Go bless you all, & remember you alway have peace..

Jeremiah 33:6 Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them; and I will reveal to them an abundance of peace and truth.

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